Baseus COVO AI Smart Wireless Headset Earphones A10- Black (NGA10-A01)


Baseus Covo A10 Smart AI Wireless Earphone / Mono Bluetooth Headset with Voice Command - IPX5, Bluetooth 5.0

Stay safe even when you drive a car or bike using the Baseus Covo A10 Bluetooth headset with a Smart AI voice algorithm!

Use your phone while driving without affecting your safety and without paying tickets. The Baseus Covo A10 mono wireless earphone features Smart AI tech to support voice control. Answer or reject the call, change songs, and adjust volume keeping both hands on the wheel, just say what you want. It also features a remote control that you can attach to your T-shirt or tie. Enjoy clear and smooth hands-free calls, thanks to the dual microphone with a wind noise reduction. The Baseus Covo A10 Smart AI wireless earphone boasts an IPX5 water-resistant level so that you can use it while cycling in rainy conditions.

- Baseus Covo A10 Smart AI mono Bluetooth headset with voice command
- Control your calls, music, and volume with your voice or using the remote on the clip
- With a rotating shaft that lets you wear it in the left or right ear
- Dual microphone with a wind noise reduction for HD calls
- IPX5 water-resistant level, so don't worry about sweat and rain
- On a single charge, you can use the Baseus Covo A10 Smart AI Bluetooth headset for up to 20 hours
- Baseus Covo Smart AI wireless earphone is suitable for all Bluetooth-enabled devices

- Model: A10
- Bluetooth version: v5.0
- Battery capacity: 200mAh
- Charging time: about 2 hours
- Playing time: up to 20 hours
- Standby time: up to 200 hours
- Operating distance: 10 meters
- Charging port: microUSB

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